Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sunshine on my ears can make me cry…

At one point this last weekend, Vicki sang John Denver’s “Sunshine on My Shoulders” for Katie. Katie really liked the song and quickly learned the words. She constantly wanted us to sing it to her.

I have a John Denver “Greatest Hits” CD, so I decided to pop it in the stereo and play it for her. She loved it. She loved it too, much really. It’s all she wants to hear now. I’ve even tried playing other John Denver songs, but apparently they don’t measure up.

So, this morning we had to listen to it before we left the house. When we left the house, we had to bring the CD with us and listen to it in the car. I had to explain that she couldn’t take the CD with her to daycare. She actually took that pretty well, but I had to promise to play it for her again tonight.

But the really amazing thing about this all is how it has shown me how much I really love Sunshine on my Shoulders and Little Girls.

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