Friday, March 23, 2007

Ahh, Spring, and the sounds of Geese...

Last Friday, we got a fairly decent snowfall. Therefore, Saturday morning I found myself out shoveling the driveway. While I was plugging away, hoping to myself that it would be the last time this winter, I heard some geese flying overhead.

I looked up, and to my great surprise, saw a huge flock flying in V formation... heading South. Shouldn't they be headed North? Then remembered why I was outside and sort of chuckled to myself.

Then I swear I heard a female sounding goose saying, "I don't care Frank! Next year I'm going to decide when it's time to head North. I don't care if you're worried that the tributaries may have frozen and what damage may be waiting for you at the waterhole! Every year it's the same thing, We Need to Head North, We Need to Head North! I tell you, next year we're waiting until I hear from my second cousin Robin that Spring is really here!"

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