Monday, March 05, 2007

Mobile Time-Waster

The other day I put together some facts I was aware of, but hadn't really put them together for some reason.

I've been aware of Stella for a long time. Stella is an Atari 2600 emulator that is available on many different modern computing platforms. I recently downloaded the Windows version and put it on my laptop. It was a lot of fun playing these games from my childhood. I discovered I still love them as much as I did in the Eighties. But I really didn't get much chance to boot up the laptop and play them. (Ok, so one night on the way home from work I played the entire bus trip.)

So I was thinking to myself, if only I could load Stella on some small, portable device. Well, duh. I have a Pocket PC! I immediately went to the Stella website and checked if they had a version for my Pocket PC (Windows CE/Pocket PC/Smartphone/Mobile/whatever MS wants to call it today).

Of course they did. So now I have access to all my favorite 2600 games whereever I go as long as I remember to bring my PDA. And they're perfect for the platform: 10 minute time killers wherever I'm sitting around waiting for something else.

So now I'm seriously addicted to Mario Bros. (Notice no "Super" in the name there.) And the worst thing is I'll be sitting there with the PDA right there and have to tell myself, "No, you really should be doing this instead..."

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