Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blog 2006 Review

March – 4 entries
While I technically created my blog back in October 2005, I really didn’t start blogging until my birthday March 20th. A fact that I totally don’t remember, and that seems odd to me. Oh well, not the first time I’ve forgotten something. Ironically, on the same day, I wrote about a woman who never forgets anything.

I promised to blog more often (limited success) and to post pictures online more often (horrible failure).

April – 5 entries
In April I wrote a little bit about what I think is cool on the Internet, and what having everything iin our lives in digital format means for the future. The silence was deafening. The real highlight of the month was Katie’s 1st Birthday,

May – 7 entries
In my opinion, I did some of my better writing this month. Main highlights worth noting was Vicki and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary and our first “Parent’s Retreat.”

June – 3 entries, 2 on one day.
Busy month, I guess. I believe this is the month we attended a wedding with Katie as well.

July – 2 entries.
Hmmm – busy summer? One of the entries should have been pretty cool, but I really needed to spend more time working on it. Matt and I had a pretty discussion on it afterwards via IM that I ended up posting in the comments. The second entry? Oh, just a short note that I had finally uploaded some pictures.

August – 2 entries
Ahhh – a content packed month. The infamous “blove” entry and another message that I had managed to upload more pictures – two months in a row! I haven’t posted any online since.

September – 7 entries
My best month since May in terms of both quantity and quality: the Katie wedding vow “oh-oh” story, my commentary on the 9/11 anniversary, Katie’s first steps, and a cute little story about me cutting down a tree, among other things.

October – 1 entry
My inner child was ranting. Vicki finally shut it up two months later.

November – 3 entries
In contrast I talked a little about enjoying growing up. Then some gibberish, and feelings of geek inadequateness.

December – 2 entries
A simple reposting of a YouTube video, and a single post that covered resolving the inner child crisis, the joy of Christmas through Katie’s eyes, and well wishes for my loved ones.

Total entries (being generous) – 36 over a 40 week period.
Not very good. I’m making my goal for 2007 to post at least one good entry per week (not just a “Check out this YouTube video!” link) and also to post my pictures monthly.

There: it’s in writing. You can hold me to it.

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