Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do we ever really grow up?

Katie has reached the "Terrible Twos". Yes, technically, she is 18 months old, and not two years. But we all know how smart she is, and she has reached 2 years six months ahead of schedule. :-)
One of the more... ummm... challenging aspects of this is that she has a propensity for wanting the one item she shouldn't have in a room full of colorful, interesting, and developmental toys. And of course, any attempt to take away this particular item results in a tug of war with Katie screaming "Mine!"

Last night, we were going through this. And I was thinking that while Katie most definitely is a source of joy in my life, I couldn't wait until she "outgrew this".

Then suddenly, my mind flashed back to Friday night. The three of us had went out to dinner. Vicki and I were discussing various things. Then I decided it was the right time to spring it on her: "I'd really like to buy an Xbox 360." Vicki sighed. Then she explained all the more practical things we would use $500 for. And I call could respond with was, "But don't I deserve it?", or "But this is the one thing I really want!". I pretty much did everything but run into Best Buy, grab the box and hold it to my chest and scream "Mine!"

Of course, in the end, Vicki left it up to me, but she had appealed to my more responsible adult side, and for now, I'm putting off the purchase. But inside me, there is a two year old throwing a temper tantrum because the adult inside me has told me that the thing I want is not good for me.


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