Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How much wood could a small tree have, if you cut a small tree down for wood?

If you've talked to me recently, the chances are pretty good that I mentioned that I had cut down a small maple tree in my backyard. I went about cutting it up for firewood using only standard hand tools. (i.e. no power tools)

It has been the greatest lesson in fractals I could have ever received. You would not believe how many branches upon branches upon branches even a tree as small as 20 feet or so has. It has taken me hours upon hours to cut this branch of that one, and then all the branches off that and so on to get down just to a series of straight boughs that I could then cut up into firewood sized pieces.

My wood shed is now full. I have no desire to cut down another tree and do that again. Next time, maybe I'll just rent a chipper and make myself some mulch.


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