Friday, September 22, 2006

First Steps

Katie took her first unassisted steps yesterday! Unfortunately, it was at daycare, so neither Vicki nor I were there at the time, but she took some more for us that evening.

It really is amazing when you think about what a miracle each of us is. We start out life as a tiny blob of cells. And we grow and grow in the womb into an actual person. And then we burst into the world, crying, and unable to do too much for ourselves. And we continue to grow, and our brain goes on a years-long marathon of activity in learning to understand and interact with world.

And the world is an exciting, magical place filled with both joy and some danger, too. But in time, as we "grow up" we get so used to it, we just kind of take it for granted. That is until one day, when you find yourself looking at this tiny person, taking her first breath, and crying. And she looks so absolutely beautiful that you actually cry - despite the fact you always thought that was TV/Movie drama.

And this time you get to actually watch this amazing process develop. This time, you get to remember it, even if it is from the outside. And then you remember how amazing it is to walk, when you see the joy on your daughter's face. You get to see the magic of the world reflected in her eyes - magic your jaded eyes have learned to overlook.


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