Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Retreat! Retreat!

This last weekend Vicki and I went away on a trip that is best called a "Parent's Retreat." It really was a win-win-win: We got a relaxing weekend to do nothing and be waited on for a change, Katie and her grandparents each got the opportunity to spend some time with each other.

I came back feeling like my batteries where recharged. We'll see how long it takes to drain them again.

Then last night, sitting on the precipice of the "the daily grind", we sat down and watched a special on George Washington as Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army. They stated that one of Washington's greatest insights was realizing that he really didn't need to win the war - he just couldn't loose. As long as he kept his army together and healthy as possible, he would be around to cause the British Army more problems. Eventually they would tire of the game, and look to sign some sort of a treaty.

Therefore, Washington was not afraid to retreat. And in doing so, he was able to salvage as much of his resources and possible, regroup and strike the Red C0ats another day. He was recharging the Armies batteries. And while maybe some in Congress judged him on his apparent lack of victories, in the end he got the result everyone wanted: the Colonies became the United States. Smart use of resources - and an occasional retreat - were much more effective than letting National Pride (and his own ego) drive him to do something that was more direct and satisfying, but more draining on the future capacity to fight.

Which is really the same conclusion I drew on my Parent's Retreat. Initially, I felt guilty leaving Katie behind for the weekend. I was worried about any number of things going wrong - and I wouldn't be there to deal with it! But in the end, I was reminded that her grandparents where very capable of dealing with any situation, and that Vicki and I would come back fresher, better parents for the experience.


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