Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A confession

The other day, a friend and I were discussing how badly the "new" Star Wars movies were. In particular, we were talking about how in Episode II, Obi-Wan finds out that the clones were ordered by a Jedi Master named Sifo-Dyas. And that's it - it's never really explained better than that.

So just like whenever I have a question about anything these days, I turned to Wikipedia. And of course, it had the answer - as best as anyone can tell. As often happens on the web, I followed a link trail that only one hundred monkeys clicking on mice for one hundred years could recreate, ended up on the page for my favorite Star Wars videogame, Knights of the Old Republic.

This is a fairly deep game that I have played for like 40 hours and not completed the storyline. It's not been months since I have booted it up, and truth be told, my gaming time is so limited these days that I knew I would never really get back to it. Therefore when I saw the "spoiler warning" I was very tempted. At first I resisted the urge to read the entire article, but then I caved.

I was pleased to see that I had properly guessed the "plot twist", but was pretty amazed at another development in the game. Now I feel as if I've somehow cheated myself out of something. Even if I do get the chance to complete the game, it won't have the same thrill.

Sigh. Oh well, There is always Knights of the Old Republic II.


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