Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just a thought...

I couldn't decide what to write about today. Should I point out an interesting article on the Net, or some tidbit about my personal life?

Hmm, well, I did find this interesting article thanks to Digg. It's about how "the kids these days" are so much more media-savvy and obsessive multitaskers and the pros and cons of that. (It's on Time's website and you have to watch a 30 sec add to view.)

It sort of parallels what I've been thinking about personally lately. It seems that we have so many more options available to us that are supposed to make our lives richer and easier. In reality, however, we use these things to cram more into lives, making them more hectic. And worse, you somehow feel guilty if you purposely try not to keep up the frantic pace.

What I found to be the most disturbing part of the article was how disconnected the members of the various profiled families were. I therefore decided that tonight I would go home and spend some real quality time with my wife and daughter - building deep and meaningful relationships that will overcome all the distractions of modern life.

Then I remembered that it was Tuesday, which is my night to play multiplayer Halo 2 with my Xbox friends. Well, I have to show up for that. And, well, we have that appointment tomorrow night...


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